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who we are

GLOBAL G.A.P. certified
Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporter


Our Objectives

Directly Exported

Albanian Fresh Produce Exported as Just Harvested

Grown Locally

Strong relationships with grower making possible to provide the required quantity of fresh produce, harvested directly and exported for your need

High Quality

Quality is our primary objective which allow us to ensure our company growth in an increasingly strict regulatory framework and increasingly demanding customer requirements


The decades of experience help to increasingly sharpen our selection criteria to only offer products that respect our product quality charter.

The region has a long history of family farm tradition with natyrally organic grown fresh fruits and vegetables and now are exported in all Europe.
Agrokaraj has contracts with a large number of locally farmers allowing a direct distribution from from farm to the client, with produce harvested as ordered and directly exported.


We source the best quality Albanian fruits from all around the country.

AgroKaraj L.t.d is a fresh produce supplier with the main office/warehouse based in Lushnje, Albania.
The Region is famous for mediterranen fresh fruit and vegetables producing, in high quantity and quality.

What We Do

Shorten the link between the producers and the final consumers, providing fresh produce with excellence to all Balcan.

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